Chris Havlicek & family celebrating July 4thChris Havlicek: Family, Community And Sports

From his years spent on the sidelines at his father’s basketball games, to his own college basketball career and trip to the Olympics, Chris Havlicek and his family have quite a history. Although athletic prowess may been Havlicek’s claim to fame, his aid to countless of non-profit organizations such as The Genesis Foundation for Children and The Boys and Girls Club, has allowed the Havlicek family to become a recognized voice for community involvement.

This site provides in-depth background information about Chris Havlicek, detailing the milestones in his life as a UVA student, his success as an Olympic athlete, and his relationship with family and friends.

Chris Havlicek: From Basketball Standout To Olympian To Success

To many, Chris’s story may seem like a typical sports triumph: An athlete overshadowed by the success of his NBA-star father, who came into his own as a US Olympian. But in truth, his story is far more humbling. 12316352_911970478840832_4351419711182012832_n

Dealing with hardships and adversity, Havlicek wasn’t always sure he would succeed as his father did at professional basketball. Chris was able to succeed both academically and athletically and won many awards for his academic achievements during his time at the University of Virginia.

Following his years at University of Virginia, Chris worked as an NBA reporter and a marketing specialist. Chris has made sure to stay involved and active with his family and community, helping to maintain a legacy that has endured generations.