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With a father in the Basketball Hall of Fame and a personal history as an Olympian, Chris Havlicek has a famous last name. That’s an understatement to Celtic fans who saw his father, John Havlicek, bring four NBA championships to Boston in his first four seasons. But the Havliceks have never stopped giving back to a community that has provided so much support to their family.

Chris Havlicek spends much of his time serving on boards of charitable organizations, making key decisions to improve both his community and the lives of its inhabitants. Perhaps the most renowned charitable involvement of the Havlicek family is the annual John Havlicek Celebrity Fishing Tournament, which hosts the biggest names in sports and media in a weekend of golf, comedy, tennis and fishing.

In 2012, the tournament was a resounding success. Guests were treated to memorable fishing and exquisite cuisine, along with appearances by:
Chris Havlicek and family at an event
• Mike Scmidt, third-baseman for the Philadelphia Phillies
• Bruce Melnick, astronaut
• Lenny Clarke, comedian
• Joe DiMaggio, Yankees superstar
• Bob Cousy, basketball Hall of Famer
• Johnny Unitas, Colts quarterback
• Bobby Knight, basketball coach


Chris Havlicek and family celebrate Fourth of JulyAlthough John and Chris Havlicek, and other celebrities were the stars of the show, the proceeds of the tournament and auction benefitted The Genesis Foundation for Children. A non-profit organization, their aim is to enrich the lives of children with birth defects and to support their families. The funds help these children receive the medical care they need, along with the necessary tools to maximize their opportunities and potential.

The Genesis Foundation for Children hosts several events throughout the year. Revenue comes from corporate sponsors, donations and fundraising events. With any luck, the Havliceks will be able to continue their charitable efforts that play such an important role in so many lives.


Here are a few other organizations that Chris Havlicek actively supports:
• St. Mark’s Episcopal Church & School
• Everglades Foundation
• Boys and Girls Club

Click the link to learn more about the Havlicek Family, or to learn more about Chris Havlicek and how he has developed into such a community advocate, read about his UVA career.