John Havlicek

John “Hondo” Havlicek was considered by many basketball fans to be one of the most complete players to play in the NBA. His entire career was spent as a Boston Celtic for 16 seasons, where he helped to bring home a staggering 8 championship titles.

Although Havlicek was extremely humble and anything but a flashy player on the court, his physical ability and dedication to the game allowed the following impressive career stats to be acquired: 1,270 regular season games, 26,395 points, 8,007 rebounds and 6,114 assists. The volume of points he scored throughout his amazing career solidified his position as the top scorer in Celtics history, and ranks 6th among all players in NBA history.

John Havlicek was born as John Joseph Havlicek in Martins Ferry, Ohio on April 8th 1940. His first signs of athletic ability were put on display at Bridgeport High School, where he rose above the competition in three sports: basketball, baseball and football. This was recognized by colleges all around the country, amassing in an impressive 35 scholarships received in both basketball and football.

Havlicek’s college career was spent at Ohio State University, where he played with legends Jerry Lucas and Bobby Knight, who later went on to become a coaching legend. During Havlieck’s college career an NCAA championship was won in 1960 and during the same year he was listed as an alternate for the 1960 Olympic Games. Havlicek had sure talent and many teams understood that. In fact, his talent was so strong that not only did he get picked by the Boston Celtics following his college graduation, but he was also drafted by the NFL’s Cleveland Browns.

John’s enthusiasm and lifelong dedication to sport rubbed off on his son Chris Havlicek, who played college basketball and spent part of his career working for the NBA. Now that Havlicek’s basketball career is over he lives in Columbus, Ohio with his wife. He is the co-owner of a food company and has 3 Wendy’s franchise locations under his name. He enjoys giving back to the community through several philanthropic charities such as The Genesis Foundation for Children. His main hobbies include fishing, hunting and golf.