Chris Havlicek NBA

NBA Career as a Reporter and Marketing Manager

For those who were basketball fans in the 1960s, especially Boston Celtics fans, it’s tough to think of Chris Havlicek and the NBA without imagining his father, John Havlicek, leading The C’s to another NBA championship. But Chris Havlicek has made his own mark with the NBA, but not as an athlete.

Let’s turn back the clock about 20 years, when Chris was the captain of the UVA basketball team. To most, it seemed obvious that the 6-foot-5-inch starter had a bright future; not only was he a team captain with a famous last name, but he also excelled academically. For three straight years, Chris was a member of the All-ACC Academic Team, and he spent two years as an Academic All American.

His career with the NBA wouldn’t begin for many years after his graduation. He would first play professional basketball in Italy, and then join the 1996 US Team-Handball Team at the Atlanta Olympics.

Eventually, Chris Havlicek would put his charming demeanor and confident presence to work as a sideline reporter at NBA games. As a marketing and finance graduate, Chris enjoyed success as NBA City’s Vice President of Marketing. This is the branded restaurant of the NBA, a popular hotspot in Orlando, Florida.

NBA City opened in 1999, and since that time, Havlicek has developed, managed and executed the company’s creative advertising and marketing campaigns. In this position, he was accountable to the NBA Commissioner for all facets of NBA dining and entertainment venues.

During his time at the NBA, Chris Havlicek acquired funding for the association’s expansion. This took exceptional networking and marketing strategies, requiring the help of venture capitalists, NBA owners and international partners.

He also introduced NBA-branded business opportunities to the Board of Governors and general managers, facilitating an improvement in NBA brand strategy. With a modern PR campaign, Havlicek was able to expand NBA retail development internationally. He managed public relations with Latin America, Europe and Asia.

Chris’s affiliation with the NBA may not comprise all the glory earned by his father’s stunning career as a Boston Celtic. For 16 seasons, John Havlicek played with The C’s, ultimately earning eight NBA championship titles. In 1984, he was inducted into the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame.

With 13 seasons as an NBA All Star, Chris Havlicek’s father put the family name on the map, but with the same hard work and a constant drive to improve, Chris continues his legacy.

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