The Boston Celtics

Boston received their Celtics team in 1946 and was one of only eight teams that played through the first decade of the league, even in their early days they showed their fight and determination. They have since gone on to be one of the most storied franchises in the league as they currently hold numerous team records across the NBA and also all sports.


The Boston Celtics are the true definition of a dynasty. Historically, they are the most accomplished team in the NBA as they currently hold a league leading 17 championships with their latest in 2008. This includes a dominant performance of winning eight championships consecutively from 1959-1966 which is an accomplishment that hasn’t been accomplished by any other team across all sports which emphasizes the difficulty and magnitude of this feat. They have won 21 Conference championships and have been runner-ups 11 times over time, they have also won a total 30 division titles to round out their Eastern Conference dominance.  Some of the greatest NBA players in history such as John Havlicek have worn the Celtic’s green and white jersey over the years; considering this, it can be argued most of their championships were won through excellent team play and this is what made the individual players great.  The Celtics have 39 men that have been inducted into the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame which leads the league. During the 50th anniversary of the NBA the 50 Greatest Player in NBA History was unveiled and the Celtics had 13 players that made that list and totaled 42 championships between them.


The Boston Celtics-Los Angeles Lakers rivalry has been hailed as one of the greatest rivalries in sports as it resulted in some of the most entertaining games throughout NBA history. During the 60’s, the Lakers and Celtics matched up in the NBA Finals a total of six times with the Celtics taking home the title after all six battles.  This era sparked the rivalry and also the dominance and greatness of Celtic big man Bill Russell who went down as an NBA great and contributed to eleven of the Celtics championships.  There weren’t many championship matchups in the 70’s but the Celtics still left the era with two championships. The rivalry was reignited in the 80’s, primarily due to the rivalry between Larry Bird and Earvin “Magic” Johnson that had continued since their college days. This era resulted in three championship meetings between the two, where the Celtics got the better of them once but left with three trophies as the 80’s ended. They have met in the Finals twice since with their being a split in victories, but this has only added to the splendor of the rivalry as these were rating as one of the most competitive championship series in the 21st century.

Notable Celtics