Chris Havlicek at UVA

A Superior Athlete, a Model Student

Chris Havlicek, despite growing up in the limelight as the son of an NBA superstar, demonstrated just how well-rounded an athlete can be during his college career at the University of Virginia (UVA). Before starting his professional basketball career in Europe, Havlicek played basketball at UVA for four years and was the team’s captain his senior year but it never interfered with him from broadening his academic horizons.

In fact, Chris was one of the few athletes able to shine both on the court and in the classroom. For starters, he was a three-time inductee in the All-ACC Academic Team (1990 to 1993). This requires an exceptional GPA, excellent school standing and athletic accomplishment.

Also, Chris Havlicek is a two-time Academic All American (1992 to 1994). This, again, is just another notch on a very well-rounded and respectable college career. By the time Chris graduated, he had earned Dean’s List for four straight years (1990 to 1994), ending his college career with the same level of hard work and achievement that he brought his freshman year.

After college, Chris began a short-lived professional basketball career in the Italian basketball league. Eventually, his passion for the game would reignite in a different sport: team handball. Chris Havlicek, ultimately, would compete his way into the 1996 U.S. Team-Handball Team at the Summer Olympics. Click the link for more information.

Chris Havlicek may not have matched his father’s eight NBA championships, but throughout his college career at UVA and during his years as an alumnus, he has demonstrated that success resonates in many forms: academically, athletically and beyond. Follow the link for more information about Chris Havlicek’s family.