UVA Men’s Basketball Team

The UVA Men’s Basketball Team

The Virginia Cavaliers are the name for the University of Virginia men’s basketball team. The UVA men’s basketball program has a long history in Division I of the NCAA and the Cavaliers played their first game in 1905. Although the UVA basketball team doesn’t have any NCAA championships, they have seen success in their conference and have numerous NCAA tournament appearances. Chris Havlicek played for UVA during the 1990-1993 seasons.

The UVA Cavalier’s Accomplishments


The UVA men’s basketball team has an all time record of 1494 – 1139 which puts them at a respectable win rate at 56 percent. The Cavaliers are excellent contenders when they play at home with a 76% win rate at the current John Paul Jones arena (2006- ), 73%  at University Hall (1965-2006), 62% at Memorial Gymnasiuam (1924-1965), and a staggering 87% at the original Fayerweather Gymnasium (1905-1924)  The team has 20 seasons in which they snagged over 20 wins and 2 spectacular seasons with 30 or more wins (2014 being one of them). Their winning percentage in the NCAA tournament is 58%.

UVA’s ACC Championships

The ACC is the the Atlantic Coast Conference which UVA is a part of, along with 14 other schools. The UVA men’s basketball team has racked up 6 regular season ACC championships with back to back victories in 1981-1983 and then 3 more in 1995, 2007, and 2014.  They were also the ACC tournament champions in 1976 and 2014.

UVA in The NCAA Tournament

The UVA men’s basketball has enjoyed moderate success in the NCAA tournament with a grand total of 18 appearances and a 25-18 win-loss record. They made it to the Sweet Sixteen four years straight from 1981-1984 and then made it four more times in 1989, 1993, 1995, and 2014 respectively (Chris Havlicek was a part of the 1993 team and was inducted into the All-ACC Academic Team) .  They have a total of 5 appearances in the the Elite Eight (1981, 1983, 1984, 1989, 1995) and 2 appearances in the coveted Final Four (1981, 1984).

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